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Our mission is to provide personalized medications and excellent customer service at a fair price.  Our pharmacists will work with you and your prescriber to create a treatment plan personalized for your needs.  Each medication we prepare meets the specific needs you and your doctor have requested.

You may be able to get your diabetes, ostomy and other supplies at little or no cost and delivered to your door!  We accept assignment with Medicare and other insurance carriers to help you reduce the cost of your supplies (deductibles and co-payments may apply).  If requested, we can ship most products to your home for minimal shipping and handling charges (some are free).

We also compound topical creams and gels, sublingual tablets and troches, and suppositories. Additionally, we prepare medications for treating thyroid disorders and diabetes. We carry many home health care supplies such as bandages, sponges, blood pressure and diabetes monitors, antioxidant formulations, wellness and holistic health care treatments.  We carry most of the normal items recommended by your physician or personal experience for short term illnesses and injuries or for long term treatments.  We work hard to find quantity bargains for highest quality products wherever possible and pass the savings on to you.  

Please visit our online store on this website to avoid the high gas prices and to take advantage of the savings and convenience of shopping online  from your own home.  All items purchased from our online store can be delivered to your home or office per your request.

Look online for our Special Offers and information on new products we have located to help improve your health and wellbeing.  For example, we now carry new products backed by years of research and clinical testing to combat MRSA (superbugs resistant to most new antibiotics) and supplements proven to help you feel and perform younger longer without harmful side effects.   

Even if you have little or no experience with the Internet, you should find our online store simple and easy to use.  All of our online products are protected by our normal gurantees of product quality and safeguarding of your personal medical and credit card information.  All online orders are processed though Secure Socket Layer servers and insured with a certificate of authenticity that you are dealing with our store. 

We look forward to continuing to serve your needs and earn your referral of your friends and family to our Internet and local neighborhood stores.   

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